Koizumi insults Asia once again

Here he is, Japan’s Elvis-loving prime minister, visiting Yasukuni Shrine for the umpteenth time. The Germans have left behind their Nazi past. Isn’t it about time Japan does the same for its reactionary emperor system and helping to trigger World War II? Here’s South Korea’s Hankyoreh on the Koizumi’s latest gaffe:

“August 15 should have been a day for East Asia to reflect on the wrongs of the past and build mutual trust, but it was turned into a day of controversy by the childish actions of a single Japanese politician. Junichiro Koizumi became the first sitting Japanese prime minister in 21 years to worship at Yasukuni Shrine on August 15…He lacks the slightest consideration for direct victims of his country’s colonial rule and war of aggression, and for all those who desire for true peace and reconciliation in East Asia. His visit looks like nothing more than thickheaded egotism that seeks to turn back the clock of history.” Right on.


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