North Koreans seek a way out

The International Crisis Group has a harrowing report out on the large numbers of people leaving North Korea for an uncertain and sometimes perilous life overseas. A sobering assessment of the human costs of the US-North Korea standoff and a reminder of why its important to end the crisis through negotiations and work with people on both sides of the DMZ to create peace in Northeast Asia.

“Scores of thousands of North Koreans have been risking their lives to escape their country’s hardships in search of a better life, contributing to a humanitarian challenge that is playing out almost invisibly as the world focuses on North Korea’s nuclear program. Only a little over 9,000 have made it to safety, mostly in South Korea but also in Japan, Europe and the U.S. Many more live in hiding from crackdowns and forcible repatriations by China and neighbouring countries, vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. ” For the full PDF report, click here.

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