CIA in a Fog(go)

AP: Former CIA official Kyle “Dusty” Foggo was indicted Friday for accepting bribes in return for steering contracts towards an old buddy. “According to the new indictment, Foggo provided (Brent) Wilkes with ‘sensitive, internal information related to our national security,’ including classified information, to help him prepare proposals for providing undercover flights for the CIA under the guise of a civil aviation company and armored vehicles for agency operations. Then, he pushed his CIA colleagues to hire Wilkes’ companies without disclosing their friendship, prosecutors allege.”

Blogger Laura Rozen (War and Piece) first broke this story back in March, 2006. See her excellent coverage here. Seems like independent journalists are breaking lots of hot intelligence stories these days.

capt.1323e54ce7ef467c8ea36d0862168c04.congressman_bribery_cali502.jpg Foggo/AP

Follow the money.

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