Washington Post “Book World Live”

Join me on Tuesday, June 3 (3 p.m EST) for a discussion and Q&A about SPIES FOR HIRE on the Washington Post website. I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of spooks and contractors tuning in, so it should be an interesting hour.

Update: Read intelligence reporter Jeff Stein’s review of my book in the Post here.

“As investigative reporter Tim Shorrock notes in this valuable (and angry) book, contractors have long had the run of the Pentagon and CIA, working hand in hand on projects ranging from reconnaissance satellites to Predator drones. But Shorrock persuasively shows that the business has changed dramatically in recent years, beginning even before the Sept. 11 attacks set off a homeland security gold rush. Today, intelligence contracting is a $45 billion-a-year industry, he says, chewing up three quarters of the estimated $60 billion intelligence budget.”


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