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Trump’s Man from Contractor Land

Remember Iraq? Trapwire? Abu Ghraib? Meet Trump’s Top Military Adviser who just became his acting National Security Adviser Update: This was posted at The Nation on November 18, 2016. Now this player from contractor land is the president’s acting national security adviser … Continue reading

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Zounds! US military contracting is up! Way up!

That’s the word yesterday from Defense One, a military publication that’s itself funded by Honeywell and other big defense contractors. The number of private contractors working for the U.S. Defense Department in Iraq grew eight-fold over the past year, a rate that … Continue reading

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Outsourcing war is a bloody business

I just published a story at The Nation about the recent kidnapping of three U.S. contractors in Baghdad. The tale underscores an important truth about the vast expansion of military contracting in war zones over the past 15 years: it’s … Continue reading

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No boots on the ground, but plenty of contractors

The US just launched a new air war against ISIS. This week, Bill O’Reilly proposed that Blackwater send its private sector mercenaries to fight. I don’t know why; mercs are already there in force. My latest, from Salon: A massive, … Continue reading

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US lawmaker urged ROK to send 30,000 mercenaries to Iraq

During a visit to South Korea in 2008, U.S. congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) floated a proposal for the Korean government to send up to 30,000 mercenaries to serve as “constables” in Iraq, according to a diplomatic cable released last month … Continue reading

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