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Reflections on The Intercept’s Snowden Archive

At long last, The Intercept has decided to “broaden” access to the massive trove of NSA documents leaked by the whistleblower Edward Snowden. Here’s my initial thoughts on this momentous decision, written hastily from South Korea. Thanks to Lauren Walker of The … Continue reading

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Back to Korea

I’m heading back to Korea on Friday. I’ve been invited to Gwangju by the city government with the small group of Korean and foreign reporters who were there during the citizens’ uprising of May 18, 1980. The city is sponsoring … Continue reading

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A Plea for Peace in Korea

The wars drums are beating in Pyongyang and Washington, and the official media in both North Korea and the United States are eating it up. Time for a little sanity: a guest post by my colleague Simone Chun. “Heart speaks … Continue reading

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Republican and Media Idiocy on North Korea

Democracy Now! has published the full transcript of my February 8 interview on North Korea’s latest satellite launch. Since that day, President Obama has dispatched nuclear-armed F-22s into Korea as a “warning” to Pyongyang and signed tough sanctions passed unanimously … Continue reading

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The Road to Kaesong: The Tragedy of a Divided Korea

This week, following North Korea’s launch of  a satellite, South Korea unilaterally shut down the Kaesong Industrial Zone just north of the DMZ. The decision marked a decisive shift in the situation in the Korean Peninsula. I’ve always seen the … Continue reading

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