CorpWatch/Spies for Hire Database

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In November 2009, in cooperation with CorpWatch, I set up a database of key U.S. intelligence contractors. Read journalist Jeremy Scahill’s description of the database here and click here for CorpWatch’s press release. From Scahill’s Nation piece:

“I started it to provide activists, researchers and journalists a way to learn quickly about the companies that dominate the spying industry and understand exactly what they do for the CIA, the NSA, the Pentagon and other agencies,” says Shorrock. “The database also provides updates on recent contracts and former spooks as they move through the revolving door from agency to industry and back again – among them John Brennan, President Obama’s chief intelligence adviser, and Mike McConnell, who was Director of National Intelligence during the Bush administration and is now back in his old position as a senior executive with Booz Allen Hamilton.”

Profiles include: Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing, Raytheon and many other companies and agencies that make up the mercenary family – or what DNI-designate James Clapper refers to as the “intelligence enterprise.” Next up: a profile of Blackwater/Xe (coming in August).

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