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Hot Jazz in Fukushima

A report from my friend Alan Gleason, an American expatriate living in Tokyo, about his recent visit to Japan’s earthquake zone with his hot jazz band, “The Hot Club of Osawa.” (That’s Alan, playing the stand-up bass) By Alan Gleason … Continue reading

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Naoto Kan and the End of ‘Japan Inc.’

My latest, from The Nation. An excerpt: The fact that so many media organizations had to fly journalists to Japan underscores how much that country has disappeared from our political discourse since the early 1990s, when Japan’s economic juggernaut was … Continue reading

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Japan’s Nuclear Nightmare (Part Two)

Nuclear Gypsies – The subcontractors who do the dirty work As the six reactors at Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima power complex have burned out of control over the past week, both the foreign and Japanese press have been full … Continue reading

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Japan’s Nuclear Nightmare

Part One: Japan, Democracy, and the Globalization of Nuclear Power (Updated throughout 3/20/2011) Part Two: Nuclear Gypsies (posted 3/20/2011) Update: My interview about the Japanese nuclear crisis on RT’s Alyona Show on 3/18/2011. Since I woke up last Friday, I’ve … Continue reading

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TEPCO’s shady history

In 2002, Tokyo Electric Co. admitted to falsifying its records of nuclear inspections and hiding the facts for more than a decade. Ironically, the information came from a whistleblower at GE, which helped build the plants and has contracted with … Continue reading

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