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America is not an innocent bystander in Korea

My first published article of the year, filed as Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis is visiting South Korea and Japan talking about preparing for war of one kind or another with North Korea. This story explains the view from … Continue reading

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The Washington Post didn’t like this piece on the US role in Korea…

…So I published it myself, in Medium. People power, not the U.S. military, created South Korea’s vibrant democracy As millions of South Koreans filled their streets in the weeks leading up to last week’s impeachment of their beleagured president, Park Guen-hye, … Continue reading

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American Military Power in Asia and the Trump Factor

The Pentagon is trying to push through a trilateral alliance with Japan and South Korea before anyone noticed. But I did. My latest, from TomDispatch:  Despite the attention being given to America’s roiling wars and conflicts in the Greater Middle East, … Continue reading

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20 years ago, my reporting caused a furor in South Korea

This was the best response I ever got to a story, as chronicled in 1996 by the Washington Post.  

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Hankyoreh honors my work on the U.S. and South Korea

One year ago I had the incredible honor of having my work on the United States and South Korea featured in Hankyoreh, a newspaper founded by courageous journalists forced out of their jobs during the Park and Chun dictatorships.  Hankyoreh posted this … Continue reading

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