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American Military Power in Asia and the Trump Factor

The Pentagon is trying to push through a trilateral alliance with Japan and South Korea before anyone noticed. But I did. My latest, from TomDispatch:  Despite the attention being given to America’s roiling wars and conflicts in the Greater Middle East, … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the COINdinistas?

A few years ago, I was leaked a large trove of documents from a contractor deeply engaged in the counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan. As I slowly made my way through them, I decided I had to go back to my … Continue reading

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The Hidden History of the (Current) Korean War

Just posted at Radio War Nerd. Deep-dive interview with investigative reporter Tim Shorrock on the roots of the recurring North Korea crises . . . we spend time recovering the gruesome lost history of North Korea, South Korea & the … Continue reading

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Outsourcing war is a bloody business

I just published a story at The Nation about the recent kidnapping of three U.S. contractors in Baghdad. The tale underscores an important truth about the vast expansion of military contracting in war zones over the past 15 years: it’s … Continue reading

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Roundup: US militarism in Asia-Pacific, Oct. 19-30, 2015

A Storify listing of stories I posted on Twitter from China, Japan and Korea over the past two weeks, prepared for the Founding Meeting of the Korea Peace Network. I’m giving a talk Friday morning on the “Geopolitical contest and … Continue reading

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