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Kicking (Paul Ryan) Ass for the Working Class

This afternoon in Las Vegas, about 300 members of my union, AFGE, with members from several other AFL-CIO unions, turned out in 109 degree heat to give a vociferous welcome to Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. He was meeting … Continue reading

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Limbaugh, Find yourself another country to be part of

My tweet of the day @timothys: Rush Limbaugh calls the first black man elected president “boy.” To the racist white man, America is always Mississippi, circa 1962. (Thanks to the late, great Phil Ochs for the song).

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‘Stalinists’ in the Pentagon?

Here’s a story you won’t find repeated in the ‘left’ press. The Washington Post‘s brilliant Rajiv Chandrasekaran reports that a DoD unit in Iraq has sparked a confrontation with the State Department over its plans to reopen state-owned companies in … Continue reading

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Neocons trash Juan Cole

Thanks to Billmon at Whiskey Bar, we get the twisted story about how the neocon/AEI axis helped torpedo Juan Cole’s appointment at Yale. From Jewish Week: When Cole’s potential hiring became publicly known, several of his detractors, including the American … Continue reading

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