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Sierras Interregnum – Tahoma, CA

To Gary Snyder, who lives just down the road from here on San Juan Ridge, about 75 miles as the crows fly: Walking tonight, high Sierra: 2/3 moon on right, bright Jupiter on left. Wind the only sound. Reports of … Continue reading

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Limbaugh, Find yourself another country to be part of

My tweet of the day @timothys: Rush Limbaugh calls the first black man elected president “boy.” To the racist white man, America is always Mississippi, circa 1962. (Thanks to the late, great Phil Ochs for the song).

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Kwangju Declassified: CIA on Park, June 1979

This CIA report, dated June 1979, was probably written as background material for President Jimmy Carter’s 1979 visit to Seoul. It was obtained by Tim Shorrock under the Freedom of Information Act in 2006; the initial FOIA request to the … Continue reading

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Remembering Hurricane Katrina

Covering Hurricane Katrina was one of the hardest assignments in my 30 years in journalism. I wrote this story after spending two grueling days walking through the Lower Ninth Ward, accompanying families who were coming back there for the first … Continue reading

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Echoes of Cold War past in torture report

My latest published piece, from the London Guardian (go there for all the links). Hidden deep in the CIA Inspector General report on the Bush/Cheney torture regime are references to interrogations and torture in Vietnam and Central America. Plus: How … Continue reading

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