Kwangju Declassified/PDFs of key documents

Here are some of the key FOIA documents I obtained between 1994 and 2006. More will be added as I download them.

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  1. KoEun says:

    Hi, I really appreciate your great effort and works. I’m a graduate student in Korea. I recently take the course covering major issues and politics in Korea-US relations. While preparing for the class which covers “Korea’s democritization and the U.S.” in this week, I read “the Kwangju Uprising and US-Sanctioned Massacre” written by you. The truth was really surprising and shock! Before I read this article and took this course, I thought the U.S was just benign power and always would be as an advocate of peace and human rights. It was helpful for me to know what really happened behind the scene between the two government at that time. I want to share this with my classmates. Thank you so much :)

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