Health care crisis in New Orleans (still)

In October, 2005, one month after Hurricane Katrina, I spent three weeks living in New Orleans to learn about the Common Ground free clinic. Located in Algiers, just across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter, the clinic served anyone who could make it there, free of charge. It was a heartening story in the midst of the horrors of unbelievable government neglect of Katrina. Today the New York Times has an excellent story on the state of health care in New Orleans and a video about Common Ground. I interviewed some of the people in the short film for my story on Common Ground that appeared in Mother Jones. It’s great to see the MSM finally pay attention to a true story of a peoples’ movement.

Common Grounds 65.jpg

Photo by Kike Arnal. Kike and I visited New Orleans together to chronicle the Common Ground clinic in January 2006.

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