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To my readers: the hiatus is winding down. Postings will come shortly in sudden bursts. Many stories to tell and follow, starting with articles on the U.S. involvement in the suppression of the 1980 Kwangju Uprising – widely known in Asia as South Korea’s Tienanmen. With analysis of the role of Democratic Cold War hardliners still influencing U.S. foreign policy, including Richard Holbrooke. And much more on the privatization of intelligence, the paperback release of my book SPIES FOR HIRE, and the role of contractors in the highly classified Special Operations Command led by the new U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Lt. General Stanley McChrystal.

Keep checking back: many of you have already been digging on my site after being linked to my 2006 story about Kim Jong Il’s middle son, once considered a shoo-in for junior dear leader but dismissed by his father as a girlie man with an overabundance of enthusiasm for Eric Clapton. With Obama now in charge of American foreign policy and the far-right going nuts, there is far too much going on to be silent any more. Stay tuned (with fond thanks to Terri O’Hare of Albuquerque for this cool graphic).

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