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Trump’s Man from Contractor Land

Remember Iraq? Trapwire? Abu Ghraib? Meet Trump’s Top Military Adviser who just became his acting National Security Adviser Update: This was posted at The Nation on November 18, 2016. Now this player from contractor land is the president’s acting national security adviser … Continue reading

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Kilcullen to Me: “You’re a conspiracy theorist.”

Big Chief Counterinsurgent David Kilcullen prefers hagiography to reporting. This photograph was taken in 2014 at a Washington seminar on Syria where I was finally able to speak directly to David Kilcullen about a story I was preparing about his … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to the COINdinistas?

A few years ago, I was leaked a large trove of documents from a contractor deeply engaged in the counterinsurgency war in Afghanistan. As I slowly made my way through them, I decided I had to go back to my … Continue reading

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JFK Mystery Solved!

Dallas: The Russians Did It In keeping with the spirit of this twisted presidential election, I have just discovered new evidence, pieced together from old clippings, that JFK was taken out by the Soviet Union in a plot masterminded by … Continue reading

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Oligarchy of Spies

The Five Pure-Plays that Dominate US Intelligence Just out, in The Nation: By Tim Shorrock The recent integration of two military contractors into a $10 billion behemoth is the latest in a wave of mergers and acquisitions that have transformed … Continue reading

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