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A Plea for Peace in Korea

The wars drums are beating in Pyongyang and Washington, and the official media in both North Korea and the United States are eating it up. Time for a little sanity: a guest post by my colleague Simone Chun. “Heart speaks … Continue reading

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Chomsky on Korea, U.S. Foreign Policy, Sanders and Clinton

Noam Chomsky has long had a deep interest in Korea. Ever since his involvement in the antiwar movement of the 1960s, he’s paid close attention to the country and the controversial role played by the United States on the peninsula … Continue reading

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Zounds! US military contracting is up! Way up!

That’s the word yesterday from Defense One, a military publication that’s itself funded by Honeywell and other big defense contractors. The number of private contractors working for the U.S. Defense Department in Iraq grew eight-fold over the past year, a rate that … Continue reading

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South Korean opposition fights draconian anti-terrorism law

  Opposition lawmakers in South Korea’s National Assembly are staging a marathon filibuster against a so-called Anti-Terrorist Act being pushed by the Park Geun-Hye government in the wake of North Korea’s latest rocket launch and nuclear test. As the independent … Continue reading

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Republican and Media Idiocy on North Korea

Democracy Now! has published the full transcript of my February 8 interview on North Korea’s latest satellite launch. Since that day, President Obama has dispatched nuclear-armed F-22s into Korea as a “warning” to Pyongyang and signed tough sanctions passed unanimously … Continue reading

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