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Labor crackdown in Seoul: Transport Union fights police raid

South Korean police raided the national offices of the Korean Federation of Public Services and Transport Workers Union (KPTU) on Friday but were thwarted by workers and union members. The raid is part of a broad crackdown on organized labor by … Continue reading

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Roundup: US militarism in Asia-Pacific, Oct. 19-30, 2015

A Storify listing of stories I posted on Twitter from China, Japan and Korea over the past two weeks, prepared for the Founding Meeting of the Korea Peace Network. I’m giving a talk Friday morning on the “Geopolitical contest and … Continue reading

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Did John Brennan suck as a contractor? The CIA thinks so.

In January 2010, a few days after a Nigerian terrorist came close to blowing up a US passenger plane on its way to Detroit, President Obama’s top counterterrorism adviser made an extraordinary confession. “I told the President today I let him down,” … Continue reading

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Abe’s Proxy Army – on Facebook

We just love our proxy army, navy and air force. This is from the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force Facebook page. Guess they think they need a lot of propaganda to overcome the deep aversion to the security bills that Abe – to … Continue reading

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New documents out on Stellarwind

The New York Times just posted a story shedding new light on that big fight in 2004 between the George W. Bush White House and the Justice Department over the post-9/11 mass collection of domestic calling data by the NSA.  … Continue reading

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