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The Road to Kaesong: The Tragedy of a Divided Korea

This week, following North Korea’s launch of  a satellite, South Korea unilaterally shut down the Kaesong Industrial Zone just north of the DMZ. The decision marked a decisive shift in the situation in the Korean Peninsula. I’ve always seen the … Continue reading

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The Hidden History of the (Current) Korean War

Just posted at Radio War Nerd. Deep-dive interview with investigative reporter Tim Shorrock on the roots of the recurring North Korea crises . . . we spend time recovering the gruesome lost history of North Korea, South Korea & the … Continue reading

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On that North Korean satellite launch

  North Korea’s rocket test and satellite launch on Saturday has deepened tensions on the Korean Peninsula and led to today’s closure by South Korea of the Kaesong Industrial Zone, the last remaining project from the days of Kim Dae … Continue reading

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Raising a ruckus with the South Korean government

Over the last 10 days, I’ve been in the middle of a dispute with the South Korean government of Park Guen-Hye, which is none too pleased with my reporting on the political situation in South Korea. The government’s calls to my … Continue reading

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Labor crackdown in Seoul: Transport Union fights police raid

South Korean police raided the national offices of the Korean Federation of Public Services and Transport Workers Union (KPTU) on Friday but were thwarted by workers and union members. The raid is part of a broad crackdown on organized labor by … Continue reading

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